weight loss

Grains such as wheat are not a healing food! Wheat causes inflammation in the body which causes the body to hold excess water so cut wheat for a week and you will loos 5# in water! The wheat we eat today is nothing like it was when our elders ate it.

The Thyroid controls many things in the body such as the rate at which food passes, weight control, etc. Get a “TSH” test from your doctor.
You want to be less than 2! Your doctor will say low thyroid is anything more than 5.5 but he is wrong! A number of 5.5 will cause weight gain of 40# to 50#

Cortisol is related to weight gain, interferes with cells in the body!

Avoid all white foods! No sugar, pasta etc.

Eat every 3 hours! Eat breakfast! Not easting will cause starvation mode!

Dinner plate is too big! Use a side plate!

You have to change the way you eat!

7 to 10 1/2 cup portions a day in veg!

metabolism needs protein. ie eggs, wild meats, organic cheese is okay.
No fast food hamburgers!

Belly fat is from estrogen!!! We eat too much estrogen!

Pumpkin protein is very good and clean!

Protein for breakfast will increase metabolism by 25% for several hours! Protein raises metabolic rate! Ever seen a man sweating as he eats a big steak!!!!

Most people gain 1.5 pounds a year after age 40!

people who exercise at age 40 will see waist expand do to hormones, perimenopause in women and in Men: Andropause

If you have gained 15pounds you are at risk for type 2 diabetes!

Skin tags are related to elevated blood sugar and insulin, warning for type 2 diabetes!!!

Eat lots of vegetables! Take a bag with you in the morning and eat them!!!!

Sprouted grains and quinoa are okay.

Food cravings means not enough healthy fats, not enough protein or low serotonin levels.

Glocosmart targets belly fat, combine with diet changes works great!
Skin tags fall off! Derived from the carob plant! Works like insuline, pushes sugar into the cells! Super safe!

“CLA Plus”= helps burn fat 5000 mg along with the green tear extract for 7 weeks people lost 9# with no diet change.

When adrenals are exhausted…salt cravings, difficulty handling stress, caffeine cravings, bad sleep paterns,

Exercising at night is hard on the body! Stress!

We need vitamin D…2000iu a day to prevent colon cancer.

Buy “adrenasmart” take in afternoon. Contains adaptogen herbs.
Helps the adrenals.


“CLA plus” 5000mg a day


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