Lorna Vanderhaeghe On Health April 5

Curcumin reduces inflammation in the body including the brain! That’s why almost no Alzheimer’s in India. As we age we naturally have more inflammation.You can buy curcumin in healthfood store,it’s a poweful anti-inflamatory,even good for irritable bowl and antioxidant. USE CURCUMIN EVERYDAY. Curry powder  only has a little bit of tumeric so you can but in healthfood store.

Celedrin cream topical is good for osteao arthritis such as knees. Also take 250-500mg of magnesium for relaxing muscles and glucosamine for 6 weeks 1500 mg. (glucosomine takes about 6 weeks to start working. Also take celedrin in ral capsule form. Knee bursitis is usualy caused by repedative motion or weight gain, treat as inflamation above.  

Blueberries and walnuts are superfoods and we should eat them everyday.

 Low energy: Check iron, check thyroid, avoid sugar, organ meat, shellfish, dairy, (these cause inflamation).

Pommegranite juice is essential for (30z a day) prostate health, helps with  prostate cancer, unclogs arterries in the body , contains melatonone, estreole(the safe form of estrogen) and ceratonine.


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