Who says, “It Doesn’t pay To Smoke?”.

Nearly 50 percent of smokers say they take between three and six smoking breaks per day at work, and more than two-thirds of those who take smoke breaks said they last between five and fifteen minutes, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health.

“While we all intuitively know that smokers taking cigarette breaks cuts into their productivity at work, we learned from this survey that the extent of time lost at work due to smoke breaks could be staggering,” says Ron Finch, vice president at the Business Group


One Response to “Who says, “It Doesn’t pay To Smoke?”.”

  1. mrissling Says:

    Nice picture, Brian. I have often wondered how many thousands of dollars literally go up in smoke in that spot!! Day and and day out …. and that’s just one bench in the city, in the world! No wonder these companies make hundreds of millions of dollars.

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